Red Alert Studios has been helping artists create quality audio and video for 21 years, and we

proudly specialize in recording Independent Records and Songwriter Demos of many music genres.


J. Blackwell Rex Norton Stacy Saunders The Safer Brothers The Tribe Bryan Fields McFarland Jared Ketterman

Like a Place

J. Blackwell

A Lot to Live For

Rex Norton

I Will Lift Up My Voice

Stacy Saunders

If You Could See Me Now

The Safer Brothers

Two Comets in the Sky

The Tribe

Lyrica (Celtic Prayer)

Bryan McFarland

Flyin' Under the Sun

Jared Ketterman

Chaz McKinney Eddie P. Briley Freedom Worship Jacob's Join, with guest Bryan Field McFarland      

Half Heart

Chaz McKinney

Daddy's Girl

Eddie P. Briley

Revelation Song

Freedom Church

Until All Are Fed

Bryan McFarland

On This Side of Heaven

Hip Kitty

Lord I hope

Paul Allen Coons




Red Alert Studios has made tons of friends over the years.  Check out some of our favorite pics:


BJ Thomas

Lee Bogan, Shawn Conley, John Conlee, Ronnie McDowell,  Kasie Hawkins and Dana

Bryan Cameron & Shawn

Crystal Hoyt (Trailer Choir) Keith Johnson and Shawn

Ed Smoak layin' it down

Eric (Hip Kitty)

Eric, Mike & Shawn

Garage Band Revival

Geno Weatherbee, Lee Bogan, Shawn Conley, American Idol  Heather Piccinini, Dave Engle (Sapphire Records CEO) & Bobby Dancy

Mike Goncalves (Hip Kitty,) Mark Slaughter & Shawn Conley

Mike Goncalvez, Shawn & Mark Slaughter

Lee Bogan

Lee Bogan

Lori Morgan

Shawn, Ronnie McDowell, Lee Bogan & T.Graham Brown

Tom McGiney, Wayne Jackson (Memphis Horns) - Ronnie & Shawn

Mike Palmer

Miss Millie

The Oakridge Boys

American Idol's Heather Piccinini, Sapphire Records President Dave Engle

Popa T and Band of The Few

Ray Walker of the Jordanaires & Shawn Conley

Rex Norton

The Safer Brothers

The Safer Brothers



Shawn, TG Shepard, Ronnie McDowell, Kelly Lang, & Lee Bogan

Eddie P Briley's Showcase Band 2008

Songwriters in The Round 2007

Shawn, Tony Mullins, Eddie P Brilley, Bob Dipiero, Jeffrey Steele, Craig Wiseman, Kevin Haymes (Songwriters in The Round, Palm Beach 2-21-08)

T. Graham Brown


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